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Product S/N:140
Product Name:Tire Force and Moment Test Machine (Tire Dynamic Tester)
Product Info:Design Standard: SAE J1987--Force and Moment Test Method SAE J1106--Laboratory Testing Machines for Measuring the Steady State Force and Moment Properties of Passenger Car Tires Measuring Items: Six tire forces and moments in steady-state under pre-set slip angle
More Info:

Test machine consists of main machine, motor driving system, hydraulic load system and control system.
The drum surface is coated with high anti-wearing material such as SiO  ,which is driven by DC motor and controlled by Siemens SIMOREG DC Master.
Loading and Positioning system is driven by hydraulic servo system in closed-loop control.
Positioning system consists of two transmission systems. First transmission systems generates the tire camber angle. The second transmission system generates the tire slip angle.
Measuring system is of high technology, which can be controlled by PLC and IPC, and which completes with transuders and electronic chipset etc.
This machine completes with measuring and recording functions, which can measure the normal force (Fz), lateral force (Fy), aligning moment (Mz), slip angle (α), loaded radius (R), Longitudinal force (Fx), overturning force (Mx), and rolling moment (My).

Machine Parameters:
Structure: Single drum, single station, vertical Circumscribed circle drum test machine.
Driving method: Drum driving
Brake method: tire braking 
Multi-moment force sensor: Mount on the non-center tire plane
Drum outside diameter: Ф 3000
Drum width: 500mm
Tire Diameter: 24″~35″
Drum surface: coating in 80 mesh grinding material, friction coefficient: will be decided later

Drum circumferential speed and accuracy: 0~120km/h, ±1 km/h
Tire max outside diameter: Ф 1000
Tire max unloaded radius: 500mm, accuracy ±1.0mm
Tire min unloaded radius: 250mm, accuracy ±1.0mm
Rim min nominal diameter: 9”
Tire max width: 400mm
Tire max test air pressure: 1000kPa
Tire max test load & accuracy: 50kN ±500N
Tire camber range: ±15°, accuracy ±0.05°
Camber angle changing speed: 2°/sec
Camber angle changing style: changing in step

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