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Product S/N:127
Product Name:PC Tire Endurance and High Speed Test Machine
Product Info:PC Tire Endurance and High Speed Test Machine. It is mainly used for PC tire endurance and high speed test.
More Info:

Application Purpose & Technical Parameters
Application purpose: It is mainly used for PC tire test.
Drum Diameter (mm): φ1707.6±0.2mm
Drum Width (mm): 400mm
Residual imbalance: < 5g
Radial run-out accuracy: ≤0.15mm
Axial run-out accuracy: ≤0.15mm
Surface roughness: 1.6μm
Linear speed of drum surface: 20~320km/h
Test tire specification:
Tire max outside diameter: φ1000mm
Tire min outside diameter: Φ480mm
Tire max section width:  < 400mm
Tire test load: Max.3000kg
Tire test quantity: 1 or 2 PCS at one time
Tire test max steps: 30 steps
Motor driven method: DC closed loop control
Time duration that  changed speed needed for running getting stably (<30km/h): <60S
Hydraulic system set pressure: 80 kg/cm2
Speed accuracy: 0~+2 km/h
Load accuracy:250~3000kg, ±1% P.S.
Ambient temperature measuring scope: 0~80℃
Ambient temperature measuring accuracy: ±1℃
Tire shaft braking device: Air Brake Clamp
Radial loading method: Hydraulic servo in closed-loop control
Machine noise: < 85db (Measuring distance from machine 1m)
Environment protection standard: Accord with ISO 14001

Machine function description & structure introduction
Tire endurance & high speed test machine can meet the China national standards and the requirement of European CE Mark.
Tire endurance & high speed test machine mainly consists of main machine, motor driven system, hydraulic loading system and control system.
Machine frame assembly is a high-stability steel frame, the supporting parts includes carriage assembly, drum shaft assembly, main motor, and main hydraulic cylinder etc. Left & right Positions and drum assembly form the machine as a whole piece, which is of high stiffness and rigidity, and which is of long-term service without deformation.

Hydraulic servo system is in closed-loop control. Servo valve controls loading cylinder. Loading cylinder moves carriage, which keeps the carriage moving along the linear guide rail to push the test tire mounted on the shaft end onto drum or take the tire away from the drum. Load value signal will be transmitted to main control cabinet through load cell mounted on carriage. The showing, adjustment, controlling and printing of load will be controlled by P.I.D.
System completes with PLC system and IPC system, which could acquire the data in many points and manage the two systems, and which features with easy operation interface, abundant data acquisition, accurate signal measuring, and simple operation steps. All the functions can be proceeded on the operation interfaces. And the all the interfaces such as “Automatic Test Interface”, “Manual Test Interface”, “Programming Interface”, “Program Selecting Interface”, “Alarm Interface” and “Config Interface” can switch between each other easily.

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