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About Us
Tianjin Jiurong Wheel Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in researching automobile wheel and tire test methods and developing the related test equipment. Meanwhile,
Tire Test Machine
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Product S/N:140
Product Name:Tire Force and Moment Test Machine (Tire Dynamic Tester)
Product Info:Design Standard: SAE J1987--Force and Moment Test Method SAE J1106--Laboratory Testing Machines for Measuring the Steady State Force and Moment Properties of Passenger Car Tires Measuring Items: Six tire forces and moments in steady-state under pre-set slip angle
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Product S/N:139
Product Name:TB Tire Run-out Production-line-type Inspection Machine
Product Info:This equipment is TB Tire Run-out Inspection Machine, which is mainly used to check the run-out of TB tire, i.e. radial run-out and axial run-out. By changing rim, user can inspect different size tire. This machine completes with Keyence laser displacement sensor, which can inspect the tire run-out in the un-contact way.
Wheel Test Machine
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Product S/N:141
Product Name:Wheel Impact Test Machine (ITM-4)
Product Info:Wheel Impact Test Machine (13/30/90 degree)which is used for PC wheel impact test, and which is designed based on ISO 7141-1995 Passenger cars -- Light alloy wheels -- Impact test,SAE j 175 Wheels - impact test procedure - road vehicles and JIS, VIA and TUV standards.
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Product S/N:145
Product Name:Wheel Radial Fatigue Test Machine (RFT-7)
Product Info:Wheel Radial Fatigue Test Machine (RFT-7),which is designed as per "JIS D 4103:1998. Title, Automobile parts -- Disc wheels -- Performance requirements and marking". Machine application: used for TB Wheel Radial Fatigue Test
Rim & Measuring Gauge
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Product S/N:150
Product Name:Ribbon Tape Gauge
Product Info:Ribbon tape gauge is the special measuring tool used to evaluate whether the calibrated diameter is in accordance with the GB/T 3487 (ISO 4209-2: 2001 and ISO 4000-2:2007) by checking the calibrated diameter of flat base rim or the circumference of a certain point of rim.
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Product S/N:126
Product Name:Rim Contour Gauge
Product Info:Rim Contour Gauge. It is used to measure the the main items of correlation between rim and tire. e.g. rim width, flange width, flange height, flange radius, tire bead seat angle, tire bead seat radius.
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